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Charitable couple is focused on brain health A s Fran and Leon Kieselstein reflect on their involvement in philanthropy, it is clear that life experiences and their care and concern for others, including their own parents, is woven through the story. Growing up in Toronto, Leon and Fran were aware of Baycrest. "It was always the Jewish epitome of where you were going to go for health care if needed," says Fran, who taught elementary school and later went into real estate. "The aura of Baycrest was always there." They believe that as a society, it is important to take care of people who need help. As the children of Holocaust survivors, they have always felt it is important to give back. Their parents had limited financial means but taught them about supporting causes that would benefit those in need. Fran's mother suffered a stroke that caused aphasia and Baycrest was instrumental in helping her regain her "voice." Leon and his dad came to Canada in 1948 when Leon was a year old. The family had planned to emigrate from Europe together with his mother but unfortunately she passed away in a displaced persons camp in Germany just prior to their departure. Baycrest became a part of Leon's life when his father grew older and was diagnosed with dementia. Leon is a lawyer and a retired investment broker. He became more interested in Baycrest as his father attended appointments and received treatment. He currently serves on the Professional Advisory Committee of the Baycrest Foundation. The group organizes seminars for financial, legal and accounting professionals in order to offer advice to their aging clients and families. "I have learned a lot from being on the committee," Leon says. "It has given me a clear understanding of what goes on at Baycrest." Now that both Leon and Fran have retired, the couple keeps up to date on information about how to maintain brain health and they put it into action as much as they can. They are keenly interested in the research taking place at Baycrest on memory and cognitive function that will benefit their generation and – someday in the future – their children's generation. Why Do You Need A Will? A Will provides you with the following benefits: • You set out your wishes on your death. • You choose who your Estate Trustee is, the person who manages your Estate. • You choose who gets your assets and how. • You choose the guardian of your minor children. • You may be able to avoid future family conflict and protect those you care about. • You may be able to reduce income taxes and Estate Administration Tax (formerly known as probate fees) paid by your Estate. • If you do not have a Will, the Succession Law Reform Act ("SLRA") governs the distribution of your assets; your assets would go to your next-of-kin and if you have no next-of-kin, to the Crown. This may be a more costly and lengthy process. This information is provided as general information only and is not legal advice. Please speak to a lawyer regarding your personal situation and how he/she can help you with your Will. Abigail Romberg is an Associate at Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP and she practises in the area of Wills, Estates and Trusts – assisting clients with the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney and with the administration of Estates. The Kieselsteins are members of the Sam Ruth Legacy Society, having named Baycrest as part of their estate plans. LEGACY SOCIETY SPRING/SUMMER 2019 HONOURING SAM RUTH Bequest Information The Baycrest Foundation is the charity that raises money, performs estate administration and manages trusts and endowments on behalf of all of the programs and services at Baycrest including the Apotex, Jewish Home for the Aged, the Baycrest Hospital and the Rotman Research Institute. Writing a will is a valuable component of an estate plan. Do your estate plans include Baycrest? Let us know! If you plan to make a bequest, the name to include in your will is: The Baycrest Foundation

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