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Giving Back Can Start Early F reda Mann has seen enough to know how important Baycrest is, which is why she made a commitment to give back. For her father Cy, whom she adored, Baycrest held a special place in his heart. When Cy was diagnosed with Lewy-Body dementia, Freda became his primary caregiver for nine years, looking after all his needs and navigating a healthcare system that was often challenging. In addition, her late mother Reta had a connection to Baycrest by way of her sister, Gertrude, who was born developmentally disabled and paralyzed on the left side of her body. Gertrude lived nearly her entire life at a facility in Orillia, until it was closed by the government shortly before Reta's passing in 2007. During the final year of Reta's life, as she battled breast cancer, she and her sister Annette lobbied fiercely to have their sister Gertrude moved to Toronto and into Baycrest. They were successful in their quest, and Gertrude ultimately experienced the happiest years of her life at Baycrest, closer to her family. She was treated wonderfully there, and for that, Freda's family is truly grateful. Freda's memories of Baycrest go back even further to when her grandmother and great aunt both also received care at Baycrest. Freda, 52, recalls visiting them first at the Terraces of Baycrest and then at Baycrest's Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged, where they moved once they were no longer able to live semi-independently. Each location on the Baycrest campus provided excellent accommodations and care," she says. When asked why she decided to give back to Baycrest now, she said: "none of us know what lies ahead. I watched what dementia did to my father and I hope it never happens to me. The research that Baycrest does and my admiration for how they care for their clients are just two of the reasons I chose to make a bequest in my parents' memory." Knowing that leaving funds for dementia research could help future generations of patients and clients is something Freda feels wonderful about. "Baycrest is a good place to allot financial support for others to benefit from its work down the road. I don't want anyone else to have to live through what my dad lived through and what I lived through as a caregiver." A time for self-enrichment Here are some ideas to keep your brain and body active in the weeks ahead: • Develop a workout routine, practice yoga or find a fitness program on YouTube. • Stay connected using phone or video calls. Reach out to old friends. Be mindful that some folks may be working at home and cannot talk during the work day. • Visit, a Baycrest-invented arts-based online recreation activity for older adults. • Put on your favourite songs and dance to the music! • Read a good book, or a whole series. Order books for delivery or get e-books and audiobooks from the library. • Engage your inner chef and try some new recipes! LEGACY SOCIETY SPRING/SUMMER 2020 HONOURING SAM RUTH Cy & Reta Mann Cy with his daughter Freda We hope you are staying safe, healthy and well in these unprecedented times. Baycrest is committed to the health and wellbeing of our Baycrest community and we are working hard to safeguard seniors, our most vulnerable population, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit for more information on COVID-19 as well as helpful resources, including tips from experts.

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