RTC Annual Report 2016-2017

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20 1 6 -20 1 7 AN N UAL R EP O RT R E SE AR CH TR AI N I N G CENTR E 03 Contents 1 I NTR O D U C TI O N RTC By The Numbers 4 6 F U T U R E D I R EC TI O N S 26 5 TR AI N EE CELEB R ATI O N Baycrest Fellowships 20 Training Awards 21 Alumni: Where Are They Now? 22 Trainees In The News 24 4 ADVO C ACY & CO M M U N I C ATI O N Brain & Cognition Course 18 2 R E SE AR CH ED U C ATI O N Academic Education Workshops 6 Academic Rounds Series 8 3 C AR EER & P R O F E SSI O NAL D E VELO P M ENT Career Development Curriculum 12 Workshops 13 Internship Programs 14 2017 Innovative Perspectives in Neuroscience (IPN) Conference 16

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