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Annual Education Report 2014-2015 June 2015 Page 21 of 30 Library Services Staff Library In providing comprehensive information services, including access to current, reliable print and online resources, the Staff Library is supporting the organization in providing better quality care. Staffs are empowered to locate, retrieve, and evaluate information more efficiently through training sessions provided in various formats. MISSION /VISION STATEMENT The mission of the Staff Library is to bring together people, expertise and information resources in a physical and virtual environment that fosters learning, teaching and research for our staff, students, and affiliated physicians. Our vision is to build a leading aging research collection that is recognized for its depth and quality. Performance Highlights of Staff Library Services 2014-15 2013-14 Literature searches performed by library staff 167 127 Total searches all databases/all users 40,166 32,439 Up-to-Date database searches performed by all 9,872 10,023 Items access/borrowed (in-house/online) 3,085 3,256 Items borrowed from other libraries 1,162 1,006 Items loaned to other libraries 956 842 Educational programs, consults, & tours Sessions (class and individual training) 11 12 Attendees 63 69 Performance Highlights of Wellness-Resident Library The year 2014 saw growth and changes for the Wellness-Resident Library. In September the libraries welcomed a new Manager of Library Services who is now coordinating the volunteers. The day to day activities of the service continue to be operated with a complement of skilled and knowledgeable library volunteers. Requests for more leisure reading materials lead to two new magazine subscriptions for Hello Canada and People. We continue to add Alzheimer's Society materials to the collection and receive large print donations from the Toronto Public Library 2014-2015 2013-2014 Number of Visitors 977 958 Items borrowed 1,348 1,282 Wellness Health Information Sessions Our partnership with the Toronto Reference Library branch to provide a senior's wellness speaker's series using experts from Baycrest continued for 2014/15. Please see below for number of attendees per session.

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