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Annual Education Report 2014-2015 June 2015 Page 24 of 30 Recognizing Our Teachers The Annual Education Celebration Every year for the past four years, through the generous donation of our donor Evelyn Weinrib-Burns, Baycrest celebrates the teaching accomplishments of Baycrest staff who teach students on behalf of Baycrest. This year over 30 awards were handed out. This is an opportunity to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our interprofessional staff who teach. Award for Outstanding Contribution to Health Discipline Education ∝ Heather Finkelstein, Audiology ∝ Debbie Ostroff, Audiology ∝ Akram Keymanesh, Audiology ∝ Dr. Kathryn Stokes, Psychology ∝ Guy Homuteski, Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Elena Schwarz, Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Ken Mak, Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Toufeek Khan, Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Tony Borelli , Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Danjela Gvero, Physiotherapy Assistants ∝ Jan Boyd, Social Work ∝ Jen Raman, Speech-Language Pathology ∝ Rachel Gavendo, Therapeutic Recreation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Health Care Administration ∝ Altaf Kassam, E-Health Award for Outstanding Contribution to Interprofessional Education ∝ Carol Ragoonath, Medical Clinics ∝ Melissa Tafler, IPE Arts-Based Learning Specialist Award for Outstanding Contribution, Research Training ∝ Dr. Morris Moscovitch ∝ Dr. Rosanne Aleong Award for Medical Education ∝ Dr. Sam Rubenzahl, Family Medicine ∝ Dr. Thirumagal Yogaparan, Psychiatry Award for Outstanding Contribution, Nurse Preceptor ∝ Anna Blanco, RN ∝ Berma Donaldson, RPN ∝ Celedonia Asilan, RPN ∝ Christina Walden, RPN ∝ Jacinta King, RPN ∝ Jane Roxas, RPN ∝ Marilou Tolentino, RN ∝ Maxene Wilson, RN ∝ Nilafe Tolentino, RN ∝ Peter Masih, RN ∝ Rhonda Corcoran, RN ∝ Shaeeda Sadar, RPN ∝ Susan Baltazar, RN ∝ Svitlana Pavlovych, RN ∝ Tatiana Koroleva, RN ∝ Tsering Wangmo, RN Personal Support Worker (PSW) ∝ Loyda Thompson ∝ Edna Garcia

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