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Annual Education Report 2014-2015 June 2015 Page 13 of 30 Inter-professional Education (IPE) IPE Student Placements IPE student placements are a curriculum requirement at the undergraduate level in 11 of the health sciences professions at the University of Toronto and for disciplines represented at the Michener Institute and many other colleges and universities with which we have academic partnerships. IPE placements in a clinical setting can include structured or 3 flexible activities (participation in a team education session, interview and shadow 2 team members and participation in team meetings). This year we continued to provide structured (5-week) IPE placements, Lunch & Learn IPE sessions and the IPE/C Workshops for LRI Summer Interns. New to our centre was the initiation of IPE sessions in collaboration with TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival). Two different sessions, "Film for Thought: A closer look at IPE through film" were run. These sessions also received red level PIPES approval from the University of Toronto Centre for Inter-professional Education. In 2014-15, there were 4 structured placements; 1 in the Winter, 2 in Summer and 1 in the Fall semester. We had 2 TIFF IPE Placements; 1 in the Fall and 1 in the Spring. We also had 3 lunch and learn sessions; 1 in Summer, 1 in the Fall semester and 1 in the Spring. IPE Placement unit/area # of Students Student Professions Dates of IPE All Units 13 Nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, psychiatry, psychology May, 2014 All Units 17 Social Work, Research, dietician, nursing, Music Therapy, Neurology October, 2014 All Units 6 Physical Therapy, Medicine, Research, Social Work March, 2015 IPE Placement unit/area # of Students Student Professions Dates of IPE Speech Language Pathology, High Intensity Rehab Unit (3W), Mental Health (4E), and Pharmacy 6 Speech Language Pathology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work Jan. – Feb, 2015 All Hospital Units, Apotex 3 7 Pharmacy, Social Work, Music Therapy, Nursing, Psychology June – July, 2014 Pharmacy, Complex Continuing Care Unit (5E and 6E), ehealth, OT, Low intensity Rehab Unit (7E), Mental Health(4E) 8 Nursing, Health Service, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Social Work Oct – Nov, 2014 Centre for Learning, Research & Innovation 10 Psychology, Food and Nutrition, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work, Medical Sciences, Kinesiology, Art/Gerontology July, 2014 IPE Placement unit/area # of Students Student Professions Dates of IPE All Units 15 Neuropsychology, Clinical Dietetics, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health November, 2014 All Units & students from other centres 24 Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Communication Disorders Assistant, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work March 2015

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